Victory: Dennis Reeves

Dennis Reeves‘ client received a not guilty verdict in the 137th District Court today. Nicole Burkhart sat second and did a great job. Dennis’ client was indicted for Agg. Assault on a Public Servant, enhanced to a first degree. The State alleged Dennis’ client tried to run the DPS Trooper over with a vehicle but…

Invitation to a Party

Karen Thetford is retiring from the Lubbock-Crosby County Adult Probation Department after 26 years of service. You are invited to attend a retirement social for Karen on July 28, 2006 at 2:00 PM in the basement of the Adult Probation Office at 701 Main St. Tom Madigan Asst. Director of Administrative Services Lubbock County CSCD

County Treasurer Requests Help

The Treasurer, Mrs. Gossett, has requested that the attorneys who write out/type a Personal 10% Bond place the attorney’s name on the bond. The following is her request: The attorney representing the client needs to sign and print their name at the bottom and to the right of the words (example) “Original-Court” atty ( signature…

Victory: Artie Aguilar

Artie Aguilar received a not guilty verdict on a DWI with child (felony) in Lynn County today. Way to go Artie!

Victory: Artie Aguilar

On a 20 count sexual charge indictment, Artie Aguilar received two not guilties and the jury hung up on the other eighteen counts in Lynn County.

Victory: Mike Brown

Mike Brown had a client who was indicted for Burglary of a Habitation with intent to commit Murder, enhanced. State’s offer was 5 years. Client held out for a plea to time served for criminal trespass. Complaining witness was final witness and flaked out, leaving Judge Puryear to say, “…tomorrow I’m bringing flea powder! I…

The LCDLA Fifth Amendment Strike Task-force (FAST)

The LCDLA FAST has been formed to address concerns about pro se guilty pleas in Lubbock County Courts-at-Law. LCDLA is concerned that unrepresented misdemeanor defendants are being encouraged by judges and court administrators to waive their right to counsel; that unrepresented misdemeanor defendants are being systematically referred by judges and court administrators to prosecutors for…

Victory: Rusty Gunter

Rusty Gunter received a dismissal with prejudice on an enhanced big bitch felony in the 364th District Court today, with the venire panel waiting. Client was detained in another jurisdiction, filed notice under the Interstate Agreement on Detainers (Art. 51.14 CCP), state failed to prosecute timely, case dismissed! Wow!

Members Only Sections Strikes Again

I received this email from member, Kerry Piper, and thought you would all like to know: I recently used the brief postings to get invaluable help preparing for an upcoming hearing (not until August) on a speedy trial issue. Wes Keng‘s excellent brief really shortened my research and prep time. Thanks, Kerry The Member’s Only…

District Attorney Announces Resignation

WICHITA FALLS – The district attorney for Montague, Archer and Clay counties said he plans to resign following his drunken driving arrest in Oklahoma. Tim Cole was arrested in Madill, Okla., at the Lake Texoma Lodge on Wednesday morning, said a Marshall County Sheriff’s Office official. His blood-alcohol level was tested at .15 percent, and…