Scholarship to Advanced Criminal Law

The Criminal Justice Section of the State Bar of Texas is pleased to announce a limited number of scholarships for prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys who wish to attend the State Bar of Texas 2006 Advanced Criminal Law Course. The course will be held in Dallas, July 24-27, 2006. Course tuition and reasonable personal expenses…

Supremes Do the Right Thing

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police without a warrant cannot search a home when one resident says to come in but another tells them to go away, and the court’s new leader complained that the ruling could hamper investigations of domestic abuse. Check it out at: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11959183/from/ET/

LCDLA Brochures Doing Their Job

Not long along I got appointed to a case, and that person informed me that they were seriously thinking about negotiating with the DA. Then, they came across the LCDLA brochures, and quoted back to me, “The DA works for the State…” This person concluded that the DA was not their friend nor there to…

Good PR in the Texas Bar Journal

LCDLA gets good PR in the March, 2006, Texas Bar Journal for our annual seminar held each year in January. Jim Bethke, the director of the State Task Force on Indigent Defense has written an article for the Bar Journal which credits our seminar as an example of the good things TCDLA has been able…

Becky Cannon

Becky Cannon, a friend to the Lubbock legal community, died suddenly this morning. Becky’s husband, Judge Tom Cannon, was a founding member of LCDLA. Our condolences go out to Tom and his family.

From Pat Metze to LCDLA

Your recognition of my year as President is greatly appreciated. I was somewhat embarrassed last night and lost for words to properly thank you. But, during this year I only stood at the helm. If you want to know the strength of LCDLA look at this web page. Look at the names in yellow to…

LCDLA Roster and Dues Notice

Dues notice for 2006-2007: due March 1, 2006 Please mail your $25.00 annual dues to: Dennis Reeves LCDLA Secretary-Treasurer 1108 Main St. Lubbock, TX 79401 Please check the roster by clicking the link to the left. We are updating our records, so please let us know if you have corrections for the roster. Also, if…

No Cell Phones in Federal Court

Effective immediately, there will be no cell phones allowed inside the federal courthouse. You can’t leave your phone at the security desk anymore, and they will tell you to take it back to your office or your car. I am told employees at the federal courthouse are exempt from the rule. Chuck Lanehart, Court Liaison