Victory on Felony Juvenile Trial

Andy and I took a felony juvenile to jury trial last week in Judge Hatch’s court. The charge was exhibition of a firearm (while on school property). The state headed by Gary Spear would not offer anything short of a conviction. We picked a jury and left Judge Hancock’s son (a police officer) on the…

Victory: Fred Stangl

Fred Stangl had a victory in County Court at Law No. 1 today. Judge Rusty Ladd granted Defendant’s Motion to Suppress Evidence in the case of State vs. Glendyle McCandless, a possession of marijuana case. The case involved police officers entering the defendant’s home without a warrant and conducting a search despite the defendant’s directive:…

Victory: Chuck Lanehart

Chuck Lanehart won a huge victory for his client in the 11th Court of Appeals last week. The Eastland Court issued an opinion REVERSING AND RENDERING A JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL in a Nolan County case. Chuck’s client, Christopher Lamont Taylor, was convicted of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. The jury popped…

Victory: Chuck Lanehart

Chuck had a win yesterday in JP4. He got a 20 minute NOT GUILTY from a jury. His client was charged with Purchasing Turtles without a Permit. (Yes, really.) It took all day, but the end result was: Chuck Lanehart 1, Ace Ventura 0. Great job, Chuck!

Victory: Joshua Henderson

Prosecution offered 60 days to a 42-year-old professional female client on her first offense DWI with open container. She was on pre-trial diversion and they violated her. They used confession in guilt innocence. Verdict came back as guilty. However, the jury gave a 6 day minimum with $2,000 fine, but they suspended both!

Victory: Mark Hall

Just heard that Mark Hall had a big win in Potter County today. His inmate client was accused of chunking urine on a correctional officer. The client testified, with convictions for burglary of a habitation in ’93 and for murder in ’99. He faced big bitch if convicted, but NOOOOOOOOOOO! Instead, Mark heard “NOT GUILTY”…

Victories Abound!

We have several victories to announce this week, and it’s only Tuesday! Victory #1 = Will Boyles got a Not Guilty yesterday in the 137th. Client was charged with Assault DV with a prior, and he was big bitched. Victory #2 = Travis Sandoval got a Not Guilty yesterday in County Court at Law #2.…

Victory: Mike Brown

I tried an aggravated sexual assault case in 364th Monday-Wednesday. It was forcible rape of an 11 year old by a 17 year old. The jury assessed the minimum sentence of 5 years TDC. I was relieved and pleased. A. Crowley & B. Slack prosecuted. Sometimes luck is more desirable than skill.

Victory: Jim Moore & Trey Poage

Jim Moore and I got a not guilty on an ACBI in CC2 on Tuesday against Myers and Slack. I have no good explanation as to how this happened so I guess it is an example of what can be done if you repeatedly beat the jury over the head with the burden of proof.…

Seminar in Austin

TCDLA has 7 registration scholarships to the NACDL seminar “Not Guilty! Making It Happen with Cutting-Edge Defenses,” on February 25-26, 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin. All travel expenses is the responsibility of the lawyers. As added bonus, all lawyers who attend the NACDL seminar can also attend the CDLP Capital/Habeas CLE, at…

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