To whom this may concern:

The discovery department has been going through changes in an effort to get discovery material to you in more efficient manner. Listed below are the new steps to obtain this material.


1. Requests need to be sent by e-mail or fax only. (for online discovery only)
* The e-mail address is as follows:
* The fax number is as follows: (806) 767-1118

2. All hard copy discovery must be requested at the discovery window. Do not send requests for hard copy discovery; only e-mail discovery. Hard copy discovery will be pulled only if a person from the defense attorney’s office is here to obtain this material.

3. E-mail discovery starts for:
Misdemeanor at 2044-491-000 and up
Felony at 2005-408-500 and up
* Anything lower than the number shown are going to be hard copy discovery.
* Any material that is going to overload the email will need to be treated as hard copy discovery.


1. All misdemeanor videos need to be addressed to KT Anguish by e-mail or fax.

2. All felony videos need to be addressed to an Investigator for the Court to which the case is assigned either e-mail or fax.

3. E-mail address to use requesting all videos:
* The fax number is as follows: (806) 767-1118

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