Fred Bowers, former President of the Lubbock County Bar Association, was present at the meeting and received the LCDLA Special Recognition and Achievement Award for his courage in supporting LCDLA’s successful effort to remove the ill-fated victim’s monument from the Courthouse lawn.

PR Committee Chairperson, Jill Taylor-McCall reported her PR committee spoke to the Tulane baseball team September 27, 2005, and reminded them they aren’t in New Orleans any more. The committee met twice in the last month. The Tech/LCDLA brochures have been ordered and should arrive shortly. Jill asked for motto suggestions and said Brian Murray‘s suggestion was “inappropriate.” I thought it was a pretty good slogan.

Artie Aguilar announced the fight in the 106th may well be over as the DA there is now announcing his new open file policy. Congratulations to all who helped in this fight.

Dennis Reeves gave his report on our efforts to help the hurricane relief. The total gifts collected through LCDLA and paid to the Red Cross and Salvation Army were over $5000.00. This is just the money paid through our organization. Many members gave gifts of time and money outside of LCDLA. Thanks to all for the good Karma.

Mark Skelton reported our new brochures are at the printer and soon will be in your hand.

If you want to know about the new business we discussed, you should have come to the meeting. See you in November. We had over 50 people in attendance this month. Bring a friend next month. We’ve got the room. Keep reporting those victories.

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