Your recognition of my year as President is greatly appreciated. I was somewhat embarrassed last night and lost for words to properly thank you. But, during this year I only stood at the helm. If you want to know the strength of LCDLA look at this web page. Look at the names in yellow to see the extent the membership of LCDLA gave of their time, talents and money to benefit the general good. I can’t remember everything, but here is a partial list:

* Opposing unrepresented misdemeanor pleas
* Reducing the time citizens stay in jail without charges being filed
* Removal of the stone monument to injustice on our Courthouse lawn
* Encouraging professionalism by renewing the annual DA/LCDLA softball game
* Helping an out of town Judge enforce the integrity of her Court
* Addressing pre-trial discovery issues
* Providing thousands of hours of pro bono representation of the poor
* Providing information on current local issues to members on a daily basis
* Keeping the membership informed of changes in the law
* Providing a forum for discussion of issues
* Providing a wide variety of legal resources for the membership
* Providing a brief bank for the membership
* Keeping the membership informed of legislative changes in the law
* Continuing the fight to obtain computer access to the Courthouse records
* Giving more than $5000 to victims of Katrina
* Giving $10,000 to the Texas Tech School of Law Criminal Justice Clinic
* Winning the State Bar of Texas Star of Achievement Award
* Forming a public relations committee for public outreach and education
* Reprinting, updating and distributing pamphlets on the rights of the accused
* Participating equally with Student Legal Services at Texas Tech for the production of a similar pamphlet aimed at concerns of the University students
* Reaching out to Denton County, Abilene and others to assist in the creation of their local criminal bars
* Honoring our 50 year lawyers
* Hosting a record setting seminar educating 216 lawyers from throughout the State
* Mourning the loss of our good friends Jim Aldridge and Alton Griffin
* Mentoring young lawyers and assisting them in trial, pro bono
* Fighting like Hell every day to protect the Rule of Law and our Constitution.

You did these things. You have done these things for years, but now with this website we have a way to showcase our efforts. My contributions this year are insignificant to the cumulative value of your everyday service to Justice. My thanks goes to you, the membership. Your fingerprints are all over these efforts. Let’s have another successful year!

Pat Metze
President, 2005-2006

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