Not long along I got appointed to a case, and that person informed me that they were seriously thinking about negotiating with the DA. Then, they came across the LCDLA brochures, and quoted back to me, “The DA works for the State…” This person concluded that the DA was not their friend nor there to work for what was in their best interest. Anyway, I just wanted to say how proud I am to be part of an organization that keeps the public and criminally accused informed. It reminds me of Clooney’s movie – “Good Night and Good Luck” – (a profound movie in my opinion about keeping the public informed and invoking thought).

Anyway, I also recently saw Rusty Gunter on a mission to talk with a person who negotiated or was negotiating with a DA pro se; I was not present for the exchange in conversation, but it’s my understanding that that person was not fully informed of the ramifications of taking a deferred. I just wanted to say kudos to Rusty.

Elizabeth McRae-Juarez

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