Letter to our President, Robin Matthews from the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office:

Ms. Matthews:

It has come to my attention that some attorneys are not completing the personal cash bonds in their entirety and are requesting that the jail staff complete any missing information, such as driver’s license number, employment address, and place of birth. I have instructed the jail staff that they are not to accept any bond unless all required information is complete. Attorneys may continue to submit handwritten bonds as long as the bonds are legible.

If an attorney does not have all required information, he/she may request a visit with the inmate to obtain the necessary information. However, it may save time and benefit the attorneys if they retrieve all information from their clients upon first communication.

Also, I would like to request your email address, so that I can forward updates, changes, or clarifications regarding such matters to you for dissemination to local attorneys. If you prefer to receive information in a different manner, please contact me at 775-1500 for arrangements.


Jerry Baggs,
Major, Lubbock County Sherrif’s Office

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