This is an informal list of some of the classes the Probation Department uses for Misdemeanor cases. I thought you could use it to figure out what class you want someone to attend, etc. Let me know if you need any additional information.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS- These are 8-hr seminars put on by a company not associated w/ our department. Right now they offer seminars on the following topics: Violence Intervention, Alcohol Related Offenses, Theft Intervention, Marijuana Offender, General Offender (once called the Horizons course), Alcohol & Drug Awareness, and Driving While Lic. Suspended. These are offered on Saturday and the cost is $85, or $75 if they register ahead of time.

CD Seminar (Chemical Dependence)- $30, offered by Brito Counseling Services at this time.

This is a seminar we might send someone to who has no history of drug use, but has tested positive (1 time) for marijuana.

SAE-SUBSTANCE ABUSE EVALUATION- Usually when someone’s judgment says they need an evaluation, we refer them somewhere where they can also attend and complete treatment if recommended, whether that be inpatient or outpatient treatment

Note: We used to see SASSI written on the judgment—-that is a tool used when it has already been determined someone needs treatment.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LEVEL I- If we see this on a judgment, we will either refer that person to a Personal Development Seminar for Violence Intervention ($75-$85), or we can send them to an 8-hr Anger Management Workshop put on by The Covenant Counseling Center ($60).

INDIVIDUAL ANGER COUNSELING—We’ll send someone to Covenant Counseling Center (or somewhere similar) for an assessment. If after the assessment, it is determined they need counseling, they will have to attend as directed.

BIP or BATTERER’S INTERVENTION PROGRAM- This is a 24 week program put on by Women’s Protective Services. The initial assessment is $25, after that they pay $15 weekly. They meet on Monday nights and attendance is strictly monitored. (Total cost is $385)

SOP or SHOPLIFTER OFFENDER PROGRAM-This class is offered on one Saturday a month at our department. Cost is $75 and they must register before the actual date of the class.

VIP or VICTIM IMPACT PROGRAM- Put on by MADD, cost is $30 and it takes place the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Courthouse. This is usually used for DWI 1st offense.

AOP or ALCOHOL OFFENDER PROGRAM-Cost is $60 and is used for 1st time DWI offenses.

DWI INTERVENTION PROGRAM—This is a 48 hour class used for DWI 2nd and above. Cost is $200.

DOP or DRUG OFFENDER PROGRAM-This is an $80 program. This is the class used for drug offenses.

THINKING FOR A CHANGE- This is a 22-week class put on by the Probation Department. The class meets once a week, and it usually lasts about 2 hours. This class is free and attendance is strictly monitored.

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