Judge Darnell has asked that I inform the defense bar of the following Lubbock County District Court policy regarding conflicts in federal court.

If a defense attorney has a jury trial scheduled in district court of Lubbock County and the attorney has a schedule conflict with a federal court plea or non-jury setting that cannot be re-scheduled, the Lubbock County district judges will postpone the start of trial or recess briefly for the attorney to attend to the federal matter. But the Lubbock County district judges, as a general rule, are opposed to re-setting a Lubbock jury trial setting for a conflicting federal plea or non-jury matter. However, Lubbock County district judges will defer to federal jury trials.

It is my understanding that exceptions to this policy will be granted on a case-by-case basis in consideration of the duration of the federal matter.

Chuck Lanehart, LCDLA Court Liaison

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