The Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association will hold officer/director elections at the February 15 meeting, and nominations for officers/directors will be taken from the floor. The Nominating Committee has recommended the following slate of officers/directors, and each has agreed to serve:

President: Rusty Gunter
Secretary-Treasurer: Dennis Reeves
Vice-President for Education: Laurie Key
Vice-President for Membership: Donnie Yandell
Vice-President for Court Liaison: Chuck Lanehart
Director, Place 1 (2007-2010)*: Natalio Hernandez
Director, Place 2 (2006-2008)*: Trey McClendon
Director, Place 3 (2006-2009)*: Patrick Metze

*LCDLA Bylaws require three Directors with staggered terms, but LCDLA has done without directors for many years. Because of LCDLA’s recent growth in membership, activities and programs, the nominating committee felt that reinstating directors to the leadership establishment would be advisable. To accommodate the requirement of staggered terms, Director of Place 1 will initially serve a one-year term, with three-year terms thereafter. Similarly, Director of Place 2 will initially serve a two-year term, with three-year terms thereafter; and Director of Place 3 will initially serve a three-year term, with three-year terms thereafter.

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