Dear LCDLA Members:

Those of you who missed the February 15 LCDLA meeting shoulda been there. The 40-or-so folks in attendance enjoyed a very informative program from the Lubbock County Probation Office, elected new LCDLA officers and directors for 2007-2008, addressed the usual (and some unusual) bitch-and-moan problems we all endure, and generally had a very good time.

Bill McNamara had a very good suggestion, which is soon to be implemented on the LCLDA website, Member’s Only section. We all love to see our names emblazoned on the website in the “Victories” column, but Bill pointed out (after being recognized for two victories this month) that our most valuable lessons are often learned from cases lost. Therefore, a new column, “I Got My Ass Kicked” will soon appear in the Member’s Only section.* Members will report on their losses, how they lost, to whom, the judge’s conduct, etc.

In this way, the LCDLA website will offer valuable insight on what to expect in certain courts in regard to what may be admitted into evidence, rulings on suppression issues, punishment decisions, what to expect from certain prosecutors in regard to trial tactics, what cops to be wary of, what state’s experts need special handling, etc.

Details of several of our latest causes will be addressed on the LCDLA website, Member’s Only section.

Stay tuned.

Chuck Lanehart
Court Liaison

*No, this is not a joke.

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