As many of you already know from the emails you have received, we are going to start using Google Groups to communicate. Eventually, the plan is to phase out the current Members Only section with the Google Group site. The hope is to replace the glitchy and hacker-prone system with a stable and secure one.

Here are a few advantages of Google Groups:

  • It’s intuitive. It uses either an email interface like other list serves, or can be purely Internet-based like the current Members Only site. Anyone who can use the Internet or read email can use it.
  • It’s efficient. Members can subscribe or unsubscribe automatically or limit the way the discussions are received.
  • It’s flexible. You can either interact on the web site or by reading and responding through email.
  • Brief Bank & file sharing. With the ability to store up to 100MB per group, and the ease in which anyone can share files, it will encourage file-sharing rather than discourage it. There will be no more hunting for briefs, forms, and other files because they’ll all be kept in one place.
  • It’s Google. Google has proven to be a lasting force, and their services are aimed at increasing the usefulness of the Internet.
  • It’s permanent! Unless they decide to cancel the program, which is highly unlikely, there will never again be the need to change the format. This could be the final change.

Of course, there is one “disadvantage,” and that is everyone must register an account with Google. But many people already have Google accounts, and having to register is no different from any other site.

To visit the Google Group page for LCDLA, click here:

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