Congratulations to Rayme Shackelford for a great win in 364th District Court today. It was a felony DWI, enhanced to a second-degree felony due to a prior pen trip.

Very interesting facts: stop was for failing to dim bright lights. An open beer can was found in the vehicle, along with 17 full. Rayme’s hero told cop he had a broken toe and that he needed to pee. So, the officer graciously let the handcuffed citizen out of his patrol car, put his camera on him and allowed him to piss his pants and remain outside in the 37-degree Lubbock cold, as the officer took a personal call, and then inventoried the client’s vehicle. (Rayme’s jury argument: “Where’s the humanity?” – sounds like something from a movie I saw once upon a time.)

Rayme’s client took the breath test, but fortunately there was no 0.020 agreement. When asked to resubmit to the breath test, the client refused and didn’t answer further questions. Rayme got a 38.23 instruction regarding the bright lights not being operable. The offer was five years in prison. The jury of ten women and two men took three hours to render a just and fair verdict of “NOT GUILTY!”

Good job, Shack!

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