Congratulations on a great appellate victory for Aaron Clements, David Guinn and Danny Hurley. The 7th Court of Appeals issued its opinion in the very high profile Callie Long intoxicated manslaughter case April 10, reversing and remanding for new trial for the trial court’s failure to instruct on the lesser-included offense of driving while intoxicated. Danny tried it, Aaron briefed it, and David and Aaron argued it.

Also, in Floyd County this week, Charles Mais and Tanya Boucher won a mistrial on a second-degree enhanced felony DWI. Three officers tazed their client and then conveniently lost the video. The jury deliberated five hours before hanging up.

Finally, Ron Sanders reports that Darlon Sojak, as far as I know a non-member of LCDLA, got a five-minute not guilty verdict on a theft charge in Judge Farmer’s Court Thursday. Somebody needs to sign this boy up!

Well done, gladiators!

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