Congratulations to Wes Keng on his big victory in Bailey County last Wednesday, April 25. It was two third degree felonies — assault of a public servant and subsequent assault domestic violence. Wife was threatened with CPS involvement by investigating officers, so she made allegations at the scene. She immediately recanted with DA’s office and signed affidavit of non-prosecution with Wes. During trial, she was threatened with perjury by DA investigator. Of course, Wes got all of this into evidence. Evidence regarding assault of public servant amounted to a touch on the cop’s arm. Followed of course by a tazer and a takedown. Then a knee in the back and handcuffs, then two more tazers while face-down on the ground.

This is classic cross examination by Wes: “Why did you taze him after he was on the ground in cuffs with a knee in his back?”

Officer: “For his own protection. We often have offenders break their arms struggling to get out of the cuffs. So, I kept tazing him.”

It took only an hour and 20 minutes for the jury to find Wes’ client not guilty of both offenses, but guilty of Class C assault on the officer. The client walked out of the courtroom after agreeing to pay a $300 fine. Great victory, Wes!

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