Item One: Laurie Key has some great CLE lined up, so put the following on your calendar for August 16th, 5:30 p.m., at the Blue Light. TCDLA’s legislative specialist Keith Hampton of Austin has agreed to come out and give LCDLA a legislative update. Some members may have already planned on attending the update sponsored by TDCAA. That one costs $100. LCDLA’s is free to members -and you can have a drink if you want. This is a wonderful opportunity to stay ahead of the game – as these updates will go in effect Sept. 1. Many criminal lawyers in the state won’t have a legislative update like this until they attend some expensive CLE later this year or next.

Also, we are trying to get sponsorship over a webcast on the morning of Friday, August 17th -“Federal Sentencing Post Booker – Part 3”. Members should mark their calendars and plan to attend.

Item Two: David Guinn asks this unusual question for our members: is anyone else getting hit with a $30 fee by the City of Lubbock before they will comply with an expunction order signed by the District Judge? We just had Judge Doty refuse to comply with on order signed by Judge Puryear unless we paid $30. I realize the legislature probably let them do it and they just
snapped to before I figured it out.

Item Three: Vince Gonzales has a new capital murder citizen-accused in Randall County. He is originally from Lubbock and had a few rough spots as a juvenile and young adult. Dick Alexander steered him through those troubled times. As Vince will need to obtain copies for the potential punishment stage of the future trial, who is in control of Dick’s client files?

Final Item: Ralph H. Brock believes you guys and gals might be entertained by the following news items:

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