A couple of LCDLA’s elder statesmen responded to the news of court reporter extra ordinaire Bobby Rogers:
From Tommy Turner:

Sorry to hear that. He was indeed a good guy, and had a great sense of humor. Please pass this along: He worked for Judge Boone in Littlefield, but occasionally he’d fill in for the regular 99th reporter. I was prosecuting an attempted murder case, and realized that Judge Davison had failed to swear the jury. With my first witness on the stand, I said, “Your honor, this might be a good time to administer the oath to the jury.” He agreed, found his cheat sheet under the pile on his bench, and asked the jury to repeat the following, “I, state your name, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will true answers make to all questions propounded to me by the Grand Jury or under its direction, so help me God.” At a break I asked Bobby what he’d written. “Jury sworn” was his answer.

From Professor Dan Benson:

Thanks for letting us know about Bobby Rogers. I remember him well. He was a good, fast, accurate reporter. He used that purple Scrip brand of ink in his pens — I think they were Esterbrook pens, the same kind I used to use in high school — and I asked him about the purple color one time, since most of us would use blue or black ink. Bobby said that it was the fastest flowing ink on the market, and he used it for that reason, it flowed fast. He was a good court reporter.

On a lighter note, another LCDLA elder statesman (and Professor), Chuck Bubany, was featured in the sports pages of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on Tuesday, August 7: he made a hole-in-one (the sport is golf) at The Links of Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso last weekend. It was a nine-iron from 118 yards, and among the witnesses was Chuck’s lovely wife Jenny. Jenny, an Asst. Lubbock County CDA, is reported to have objected and asked for an official ruling from the pro shop about whether Chuck used a ball with too many dimples. The objection was denied. Good job, Chuck!

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