Chuck Lanehart scored a rare hat-trick last week. He won three suppression motions in three days in three different jurisdictions. On Monday, he litigated a DWI suppression issue in Lubbock CCL#1. After the hearing, but before Judge Rusty Ladd made his decision, the State did the right thing and filed a motion to dismiss. On Tuesday, he litigated a Dortch suppression issue in a SJF cocaine case in Terry County’s 121st District Court. Judge Kelly Moore granted the motion to suppress, resulting in dismissal of the dope case, as well as dismissals of two misdemeanors, possession of marijuana and UCW. And on Wednesday, his motion to suppress evidence was granted in Crosby County Court on a misdemeanor attempted possession of cocaine case. The County Attorney then dismissed the case. There will be no appeals by the State in any of the three cases, per Chuck.

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