Criminal Trial Lawyers Association, Women’s Caucus, Hispanic Law Students Association, Tech Law Military Association, and Tech Law Democrats present “How to Beat a DWI” by Mimi Coffey

Friday, October 26, at noon in the forum

Mimi Coffey is a Tech Law alum and is one of the leading DWI defense attorneys in the state. She will be speaking about trying DWI cases from the defense attorney perspective and how she wins DWI trials.

  • Lunch from Dickey’s BBQ will be provided.
  • Mimi said that she had gotten approval to offer CLE credit to attendees. So, they can sign up to receive 30 minutes to an hour of credit tomorrow depending on how long it runs.
  • There will be a raffle tomorrow for two tickets to the Texas Tech game on Saturday. They are on the 50th yard line on row 26. Mimi graciously donated the tickets back to CTLA in an effort to help with the costs of the engagement. All proceeds of the raffle go to CTLA, and will be used to put on more engagements.

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