In the last few days, our organization has received some outstanding publicity regarding our pro bono effort to assist young folks caught up in LPD’s party patrol debacle. Last week, the Lubbock Law Notes devoted its front page to an article I wrote, “Lubbock Lawyers Volunteer to Oppose ‘War Against College Kids’.” Quoted in the article are Rusty Gunter, Jill Stangl, Dennis Reeves, Trey McClendon, Joel Cook, Fred Stangl, Mark Snodgrass, Pat Metze, and David Guinn.

Today, the Texas Lawyer features a front-page article written by Mary Alice Robbins titled, “Tech Students Fight Party Patrol Citations With Pro Bono Help.” Mary Alice writes with a bit more balance and gives the LPD and City Attorney an opportunity to put in their two cents, but the article is very favorable toward LCDLA. In addition to quotes from a couple of our clients, LCDLA members mentioned in the Texas Lawyer article are Jill and Fred Stangl, Mark Snodgrass, Dennis Reeves, Pat Metze, Trey McClendon, and me.

Good job, LCDLA!

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