A couple of victories to report.

Laurie Key won an acquittal yesterday in Terry County on a possession of controlled substance 4-200 grams with a prior pen trip. Dope was found in a motel room after execution of a search warrant. 35 grams were in the wall behind an air vent behind a mirror. The other 5 grams were in a baggie in the bathtub. Judge Moore did not sustain her Motion for Instructed Verdict for the 35 grams upon first request, but after he read the case law she provided (Humason, etc.), he agreed and the jury was charged on possession 1-4 grams and possession less than 1 gram. Three co-defendants were in the room at the time of the search. The jury simply could not find BRD that her client exercised actual care, custody, control or management.

In a civil case, Charlie Dunn won a reversal today out of the 7th Court of Appeals involving the dismissal of a lawsuit against a Lubbock Police Officer for civil rights violations against his client. His lawsuit now has new life in 237th District Court.

Great job, gladiators!

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