Congratulations to The Tangler, Fred Stangl, after a five-day fight this week in 137th District Court in a case of possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver 1-4 grams in a drug free zone (DFZ). The State dropped the DFZ after Fred’s investigation revealed the subject daycare had lost its license. Fred aggressively attacked the shoddy police investigations in the primary case and the extraneous cases admitted by the court. With the jury out a couple of hours, the State made a five-year offer. Unfortunately the client didn’t accept the five-year offer until the jury knocked with a guilty verdict. At punishment, Christmas came early for Fred: the snitch on a fourth extraneous delivery of 1-4 grams admitted to blatantly being coached to remember details of the delivery by the undercover cop just before she testified (a violation of the Court’s Orders to the witnesses not to discuss the case during trial). The State offered a two-year prison sentence (after client having already served more than nine months in jail). This time, client quickly accepted the offer, and all the other pending cases were dismissed. Good job, Tangler!

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