Congratulations to Everett Seymore. He won an acquittal for his client Thursday in CCL#2. It was a DWI “B”. Everett said he got the jury to try the FST’s during deliberations, and nobody could do the FST’s properly! The jury was out about 35 minutes. Good job, gladiator!

Also, Steve Hamilton asked me to pass along the following:

Some of you may know this but Leslea Underwood the ALR attorney had surgery this week at M.D. Anderson in Houston. She had cancer (very unexpected) in her leg and it was amputated above the knee. Leslea is a great person to work with we have enjoyed her so much at the ALR’s. She will be at MD Anderson for about a week. We sent her some flowers and I would ask that you consider doing the same. Her information is:

Leslea Underwood
Room P 418
M.D. Anderson Hospital
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030

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