Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

$20, 248 pp., 2007

The handy 4-by-6 inch format fits easily into your briefcase or pocket and is designed for quick and easy courtroom reference. This newly updated guide compiles the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure as amended through December 1, 2007. Includes approved forms.


Criminal Litigation and Legal Issues
Second Edition
Brent E. Newton

$50, 272 pp., 2005

“There is no better way to learn criminal procedure.”
—Steven Lubet, Professor of Law, Northwestern University

“Brent Newton has performed a great service for law teachers, defender services, and all others who want to teach and learn ‘real criminal procedure litigation.’ His book will be an excellent work for advocacy-oriented programs, for it encourages students to master doctrine as well as technique. This book can—and should—also be used in classroom criminal procedure courses, coupled with one of the standard casebooks that students can use as a reference.”
—Michael E. Tigar, Research Professor of Law,
Washington College of Law


Criminal Procedure in Practice
Second Edition
Paul Marcus and Jack Zimmerman

$50, 352 pp., 2003


“To the authors’ credit, there are sufficient practice tips, cautionary notes, tactics, and comments interspersed throughout the text to breathe life into the subject matter and to make the book a worthwhile addition to the libraries of many practitioners.”
—Wisconsin Lawyer,
July 2002

“Criminal Procedure in Practice covers a lot of territory in one volume, focusing on the general state of the law with respect to each area of criminal procedure. It would be particularly useful for someone relatively unfamiliar with criminal procedure who needs a broad overview… The inclusion of the U.S. military law is a much welcomed contribution.”
—Inga L. Parsons, New York University School of Law

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