I discovered last night that they finally released the new and vastly improved version of phpBB, which is the program that we use for the members only section. I’ve already installed it and now I’m going to switch the old over to the new one. The upgraded members only section is officially online.

Most importantly, you do NOT have to re-register for this. It’s exactly the same as it was a week ago, only the program that runs it is much better. The forums are still there, they’re in the same place, and everyone’s user names and passwords are exactly the same.


There were a few very important reasons why I made this upgrade. First, this new version allows anyone to attach a file to any post, which opens the door to the Brief Bank. Plus, it has a detailed log of the users and their activity, including what screen name was used to look at what posts. If someone illegally gets their hands on the site now, we’re going to have a detailed record of who it is and whose screen name is being used. Aside from fixing those two major problems, this upgraded version has a ton of improvements from the previous one, including (hopefully) an automated picture slideshow program for all the pictures that LCDLA collects.

If the members only section seems daunting to you, just stop for a second and look at it. It’s practically the same site as you’re used to seeing, with all the same links and buttons, only they should arranged better now and run more efficiently.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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