Congratulations to LCDLA member Anna Ricker of Levelland. Wednesday, she got a not guilty verdict in 286th District Court, Hockley County, on an indecency with a child/contact. The jury was out 32 minutes. Assisting was baby lawyer Anna McSpadden, who attended the LCDLA Prairie Dog Lawyers Seminar this year. (Someone needs to sign her up as an LCDLA member.) Both Annas wanted to thank Donnie Yandell for helping on an evidence question that popped up during the heat of battle. Good job, lady gladiators!

Also on Tuesday, Bill Wischkaemper won an acquittal for his client on a DWI in CCAL#2. Female college kid did very poorly on the FST’s, per Bill. Wisely, he visited the scene of the arrest, finding that the FST surface was quite uneven, and took some photos. The cop steadfastly refused to admit that the FST’s were in any way compromised by the uneven surface. The jury was out an hour and a half. Good job, aged gladiator!

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