Vince Martinez got a 2 word verdict in CCAL#1 last week. Here is his summary of the facts:

“Last week we got a not guilty verdict in CC#1 on a case of domestic assault. The relationship was boyfriend-girlfriend. The jury was out about 2 and 1/2 hours before reaching a verdict. Prosecutors were Jennifer and Jason Howard. Jury was 4 women and 2 men. Victim testified in court that she was choked 3 separate times by the defendant. She had told the officer on the night of the offense that she had been “grabbed” by the throat 5 times. I guess the jury didn’t believe either story.”

Also Cynthia Mendoza and Mark Snodgrass got a hung jury in the 364th on a burglary this week. Frietag was lead persecutor. It was Cynthia’s first trial as lead. We will let her put that one in the “win” column.

Good job guys!!!

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