Raymond Shackelford & Cody Cofer received a 13 minute NOT GUILTY in County Court at Law Number Two in Henderson County on DWI-2/Open Container. Citizen pulled over for doing 75 in 55. Regular clues. Does well on SFSTs. Cop finds out about prior felony and DWI. Finally, makes decision to “formally” arrest citizen, but he had probable cause 5 minutes into investigation and continued to “build his case.” During ALR hearing, cop said that he had no evidence that citizen lost normal use of mental faculties. Interesting and scary point……….Gun Barrel City P.D. has policy to only offer Blood test. Citizen refused. Officer did not attempt to obtain warrant. Jury a bit concerned about the whole implied consent, refusal used against citizen, and invasive blood test. All in all, a good day. Additional thanks to Jason Barger, Michael Montoya, and Andy Taylor.

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