Bob Heald was in trial this week in the 137th on a Failure to Stop and Render Aid, where his Client was facing 2-20. Mr. Greaser led the case for the State and requested a special issue on a deadly weapon finding. Judge Puryear allowed the special issue to go to the jury, and the jury convicted Bob’s client of Failure to Stop and Render Aid and made a finding of true on the deadly weapon issue. Judge Puryear handed down the sentence today. The sentence was 2 years TDC, and it came also with a dress-down of the state and the equivalent of an apology from the Court to Bob’s client. Judge Puryear, evidently, made reference to the jury’s finding on the deadly weapon issue as a miscarriage of justice and expressed his hope that the state will make better decisions about how to handle such issues in the future. CAN I GET AN AMEN????? Great job Bob!

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