Congratulations to Laurie Key! She obtained a second mistrial in a DWI B in CCL#2 today, and as a result, was able to settle the case for time served on Deadly Conduct. Kelly Clark and law clerk extraordinaire Sarah Johnson assisted.

The first trial ended in mistrial when Laurie busted the jury panel. Today’s mistrial, in the fourth day of trial, was caused by jury misconduct: apparently one of the jurors talked about the case to his/her lawyer, curious about BAC evidence. Laurie called it to the Court’s attention and asked for a mistrial, which was granted.

There was a hotly contested suppression hearing regarding a faux grand jury subpoena for her client’s medical records. The motion to suppress was denied, and Laurie regrets that it will now not likely be appealed.

A poll of jurors following the mistrial indicated Laurie may have had a chance at a two-word verdict or hung jury.

Good job, Warriors!

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