Chuck Lanehart had a win in County Court at Law No. 2 yesterday. Judge Farmer granted his Motion to Suppress Evidence on a DWI case. The legal issues involved whether the LPD had reasonable suspicion to detain his client, and whether the client was “operating a motor vehicle.” It seems the client was legally parked in a peaceful residential neighborhood, with engine running and in park, no lights, but no other evidence of hanky-panky and no evidence he had hands on wheel, foot on brake, etc. Officer tried to justify the detention because there had been burglaries in nearby hotels and police theorized that burglars parked in the neighborhood, burglarized the hotels and returned to the getaway vehicle in the neighborhood. Fred Stangl won the ALR hearing months earlier, which set up this win. If anyone needs a copy of the winning brief, contact Chuck or Fred.

Great job by both Chuck and Fred!

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