First and foremost, I would like to thank the members of LCDLA for giving me the honor of serving as President of our organization for the 2016-2017 term.

When LCDLA was formed in 1980, its founding principles were to encourage, sponsor and promote within our legal bar and community. We encourage cooperation and facilitate a good working relationship between young and experienced lawyers. We sponsor local education programs and charitable endeavors across the South Plains. Each year, our organization contributes a sizeable donation to the Brendon Murray Scholarship Fund at the Texas Tech School of Law for an up-and-coming defense attorney. Our Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Prairie Dog, is one of the bigger seminars for defense attorneys in Texas, with over 100 attendees each year. This year, I plan to focus my presidency and organization on promoting: promoting relations and service for the common good of Lubbock County on behalf of LCDLA.

Grace Campus is a homeless campus that provides temporary emergency shelter, as well as tools to become self-sufficient individuals in Lubbock. Currently, 95 individuals reside on their campus. Many residents are already familiar with our members or may have required legal help in the past. While the campus moves from the current temporary shelter to more permanent housing, they need our help. Grace Campus does not qualify as a federal assistance program or receive federal funding so they are able to accept individuals recently released from incarceration. Grace Campus also does not qualify for food bank assistance. They rely solely on help from private donations. As such, I am hoping over the next year, our organization can work together for this worthy cause. We will explore options such as providing meals, fundraisers, legal workshops to help with driver’s license or other matters, and simply hands on work over the weekends in order to promote this campus as a necessary and permanent resource for our community’s homeless. I hope this year is as productive as it is effective and I’m excited for the months to come!

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