Victory: Dan Warrick

According to the A.J., Dan Warrick got a not guilty yesterday. His client was charged with Agg Assault, apparently in a 2 count indictment. State proceeded on one count, and the jury acquitted. We’ll see what happens with Count II. Stay tuned!

Victory: Joel Cook

Joel was in trial in cc2 this week. It was a DWI 2nd, and client was still on probation for the first DWI. Although the jury convicted his client, they still gave her probation, knowing she was on a DWI probation. Great job, Joel.

Meeting Reminder

Please remember that we have a meeting this Thursday (5/21) at 5:30 at the Blue Light. We will be having a CLE program, graciously provided by David Crook; the topic is how to preserve error in voir dire. David does our appeals; so, if he says we need this lesson, then we need it! So,…

Victory: Dwight McDonald

Congratulations to Dwight McDonald for getting a not guilty on a domestic assault in CC2. Assisted by Ron McLaurin, they won a hard-fought victory. The State tried a good case, but the facts prevailed. Jury was out for arond 2 1/2 hours. See Dwight or Ron for details. great job, guys!

Victory: Bob Heald

Bob Heald was in trial this week in the 137th on a Failure to Stop and Render Aid, where his Client was facing 2-20. Mr. Greaser led the case for the State and requested a special issue on a deadly weapon finding. Judge Puryear allowed the special issue to go to the jury, and the…

Special LCDLA Meeting for the Upcoming Prairie Dog Seminar

The LCDLA meeting for March will be moved to March 26 due to spring break. Please make sure and attend the meeting, as we already have CLE lined up. This month’s CLE will be about the Honor Pod at the Lubbock County Jail. For those of you who attended the February meeting, you already have…