Congratulations to Fred Stangl

Congratulations to The Tangler! Fred Stangl passed his certification exam, and is now Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. (He promised me he failed the test, big time. Right.) Good job, partner. The 28th Annual Prairie Dog Lawyers Advanced Criminal Law Seminar was another spectacular success. The final numbers…

Congratulations to Perfesser Pat!

Congratulations to Perfesser Pat! Pat Metze this morning was named full-time TTUSL Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Texas Tech Criminal Justice Clinic. Beginning in September, Pat will take on full-time duties at TTUSL, on the tenure track. I just saw Pat over at the courthouse, and he is a happy camper, looking…

Nicky Boatwright & Destination Dignity

Nicky Boatwright received the Destination Dignity…Celebrating People Award from Lubbock MHMR and Advocacy Inc. This special recognition was for her role in the development of a method to train interested attorneys in the representation of mentally challenged persons as well as the innovation of a rotational system for their representation by qualified attorneys. I know…

Bill McNamara

LCDLA member Bill McNamara was recently certified as a specialist in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Less than half of the lawyers who sat for the exam passed this year. Congratulations to Bill.

Melissa McNamara Promoted

Congratulations to LCDLA member Melissa McNamara, who has been named Lubbock County Criminal Magistrate by the Board of Judges.

Recent LCDLA Appreciation

LCDLA received this email recently and I felt it needed to be posted here: We are all flattered that you would put our very first wins on the site. We appreciate the continuing support of the LCDLA. Lisa Marie Minjarez Good luck on the Bar, students!

LCDLA Members Honored

Longtime member Dennis Reeves was honored February 17 as the 2005 John Crews Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year by the Equal Justice Volunteer Program of Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas. Ron McLaurin was also recognized with a Certificate of Achievement for his pro bono work in 2005.

LCDLA Brochures Doing Their Job

Not long along I got appointed to a case, and that person informed me that they were seriously thinking about negotiating with the DA. Then, they came across the LCDLA brochures, and quoted back to me, “The DA works for the State…” This person concluded that the DA was not their friend nor there to…

Good PR in the Texas Bar Journal

LCDLA gets good PR in the March, 2006, Texas Bar Journal for our annual seminar held each year in January. Jim Bethke, the director of the State Task Force on Indigent Defense has written an article for the Bar Journal which credits our seminar as an example of the good things TCDLA has been able…

From Pat Metze to LCDLA

Your recognition of my year as President is greatly appreciated. I was somewhat embarrassed last night and lost for words to properly thank you. But, during this year I only stood at the helm. If you want to know the strength of LCDLA look at this web page. Look at the names in yellow to…