Google Groups

As many of you already know from the emails you have received, we are going to start using Google Groups to communicate. Eventually, the plan is to phase out the current Members Only section with the Google Group site. The hope is to replace the glitchy and hacker-prone system with a stable and secure one.… 2.0

Due to the popularity of this site and the addition of more CDLA sites, I’ve decided that this site (and the others) could use an upgrade. This version is far more user-friendly, is easier for the administrators (like LCDLA board members) to use, and also has the ability to create a brief bank. Keep an… Members Only Section

The members only section of the site is now up and running. If you have visited this site before you may notice that some of the graphics are “off.” Right now, while you’re reading this, hit refresh on your browser (or, better yet, hit the F5 button on your keyboard). This will fix the graphics…