Application for Access to the Lubbock County Computer System

Anyone interested in gaining access to the Lubbock County computer system can use this document to apply: This document is viewable online at Google Docs and can be saved to your computer in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. Print it off and fill it out. This is a permanent…

Immigration Consequences of Selected Texas Offenses

Last week, Jeff Sheets and I tried an aggravated assault/deadly weapon case in Hockley County, ultimately working out a satisfactory deal for misdemeanor deadly conduct with no deadly weapon finding. Since the client was a resident alien, we struggled with immigration consequences of various lesser-included offenses to request in the charge. During our research Jeff…

New Motions Available for Member’s Only

New motions are now available under “Resources and Links” in the Members Only Section to assist LCDLA members secure their client’s criminal histories as part of the discovery process. If you have any problems accessing the Members Only Section, call Eric Metze at 749-8585. Happy hunting!

Latest Rules for Obtaining Discovery

Due to the fact that discovery seems to be taking longer to reach you and we are taking steps to fix this, we would like to request the following: 1. Please send your requests by email to and we will reply to those emails within 24 hours (unless the County email goes down again).…

Upcoming Annual Sentencing Conference

This is a letter from Steven T. Henderson, Lubbock-Crosby County CSCD, encouraging members to attend an upcoming sentencing conference. Click here to read it.

Pre-Trial Discovery Order

Judge Underwood wants feedback on the use of this pre-trial and scheduling order. Right-click here to save the Pre-Trial Dicovery Order file to your computer. Reply directly to Judge Underwood:

Latest Rules for Obtaining Discovery

To whom this may concern: The discovery department has been going through changes in an effort to get discovery material to you in more efficient manner. Listed below are the new steps to obtain this material. Discovery 1. Requests need to be sent by e-mail or fax only. (for online discovery only) * The e-mail…