Victory: Chris Brown

Congratulations to Chris Brown! He won an appeal on an expunction issue in the Amarillo Court of Appeals yesterday.

Brendan Murray

Brendan Murray, age 22, son of long time LCDLA member Brian Murray and his wife, Lynne, passed away last night at 2:00 a.m., at University Medical Center in Lubbock. Brendan was a graduate of Lubbock High School, The University of Texas and a second year student at Texas Tech University School of Law. Services will…

New Member: Cynthia Mendoza

Please welcome the newest member of LCDLA, Cynthia Mendoza. 2728 82nd St. Lubbock, TX 79423 806-745-6666

Victory: Mike Brown

Congratulations to Mike Brown! Mike’s client was acquitted in 137th District Court in 20 minutes. The charge was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, to wit a tire-iron. Mike got a self-defense and defense of a third person charge. Complainant claimed defendant caused a two-inch gash that required 9 stitches, but there was no blood…

Victory: Bill Wischkaemper

Congratulations to Bill Wischkaemper! He won an acquittal for his client in Garza County Court on an assault case. Bill described the case as “a cat-fight at the rodeo.” The complainant suffered $20,000 worth of medical expenses at the hands (and feet) of Bill’s lady, but the jury nullified her guilt, per Bill. It was…

Victory: David Guinn

David Guinn secured a Not Guilty verdict in CCL#2 in a DWI 1st trial. ADA Barron Slack did an outstanding job and is serious force to be reckoned with. Guinn’s client had good balance for a short, heavy guy who refused a breath test but did request a blood test. LPD declined, of course.

Victory: David Crook

David Crook won a big victory in a domestic assault case in CCL#2, despite the fact the complainant did not recant at trial, and EMS records revealed objective injury. David credits the win to several factors, including a jury that understood the concept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Good job, David!

Client PNC Attendance

I met with the Lubbock County Board of Judges today about the policy regarding client attendance at PNC’s. As most of you are aware, Judge Ladd recently posted a memo outside his court requiring all clients to personally appear at all PNC’s. Also, all written PNC notifications from the District and CCAL court coordinators require…