Victory: Danny Hurley

Congratulations to Danny Hurley. Client charged with capital murder (with death waived). Received verdict on lesser-included murder, with sudden passion, resulting in an eight-year prison sentence. Danny was assisted by former LCDLA student member Melissa Morgan, now a baby criminal defense lawyer in Aspermont. Congratulations to Danny and Melissa.

Former DA Gets Justice not Mercy

A former West Texas district attorney who once ran a tough-on-drugs campaign has received an 18-year state prison term to go along with a federal sentence, both on drug-related convictions. Rick Roach, 57, pleaded guilty Monday to a state charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver in exchange for a similar charge involving…

Important Appointment List Announcement

Just a reminder that if you want to stay or be put on the courts attorney appointment list you will need to turn in your renewal application by Friday (30th). These applications can be found on the county website at Please return to.. David Slayton, room 304 775-1020 fax-806-767-9656

Personal Cash Bonds

Letter to our President, Robin Matthews from the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office: Ms. Matthews: It has come to my attention that some attorneys are not completing the personal cash bonds in their entirety and are requesting that the jail staff complete any missing information, such as driver’s license number, employment address, and place of birth.…

Victory: David Martinez

Congratulations go to David Martinez. He obtained a mistrial after a hung jury (9-3 for acquittal) in a murder case in Potter County. David says he learned how to use mitochondrial DNA evidence to his client’s advantage. Good job, David!

Victory: Steve Hamilton

Judge Corky Green suppressed a bad DWI stop in Bailey County on Steve Hamilton’s motion June 19. It was a 2nd degree felony, enhanced DWI. The stop was based on an anonymous citizen’s call-in for bad driving, almost hitting a light pole, driving all over the road and failure to drive in a single lane.…

June Meeting Postponed

This month’s meeting will be at the usual time and place, but on the 22nd instead of the 15th.

Class-action lawsuit filed against judges, Williamson County

A class action lawsuit was recently filed in Williamson County by citizens who felt they were denied their right to an attorney. Click here to read the article. Additionally, you can view the plaintiff’s pleadings by right-clicking here and saving it to your computer.

Victory: Daniel Warrick

Daniel Warrick received a lesser charge of mere possession in the 364th District Court by objecting to the arresting officer testifying as an expert when not designated by the State as an expert. Judge Underwood agreed, and the jury was charged only on PCS, no intent to deliver. Good job Dan.

Victory: Floyd Holder

Floyd Holder received 22 counts of “not guilty” in a federal mail fraud case in the United States District Court, Northern Division. Congrats to Floyd, our “retired” senior LCDLA member.