Latest Rules for Obtaining Discovery

Due to the fact that discovery seems to be taking longer to reach you and we are taking steps to fix this, we would like to request the following: 1. Please send your requests by email to and we will reply to those emails within 24 hours (unless the County email goes down again).…

Victory: Rush Wells

Congratulations to occasional criminal defense lawyer and longtime LCDLA member Rush Wells for his victory in Bailey County. Admitting to having “about 50 pounds” of marijuana, his client consented to a search that revealed 64.3 pounds of pot. With an offer of 15 years in prison, his client entered an open plea. After half a…

Recent LCDLA Appreciation

LCDLA received this email recently and I felt it needed to be posted here: We are all flattered that you would put our very first wins on the site. We appreciate the continuing support of the LCDLA. Lisa Marie Minjarez Good luck on the Bar, students!

Softball Game

LCDLA vs. LDA June 2, 2006 2pm McKenzie Field After Game Party 4pm-6pm Depot Courtyard 18th & Buddy Holly


As some of you have noticed, the members only section of the site was hacked into recently by someone claiming that our cartoons of the prophet was an abuse of free speech. Anyway, now that that is taken care of, the members only section should be up-and-running again. If anyone is having problems getting into…

Softball Practice and New Game Date

The LCDLA softball practice is set for Sunday, April 22, McKenzie Park, 3:00 pm. The LCDLA vs. CDA softball game has been re-scheduled for Friday, June 2nd. More info to follow.

LCDLA Meeting Postponed

The monthly LCDLA meeting will take place April 27, not April 20, to allow everyone to attend Bosses’ Night.

LCDLA Members Honored

Longtime member Dennis Reeves was honored February 17 as the 2005 John Crews Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year by the Equal Justice Volunteer Program of Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas. Ron McLaurin was also recognized with a Certificate of Achievement for his pro bono work in 2005.

State of Texas v. Tracy Ward & Rhonda Smith

I am pleased to report that in a 3-0 unanimous decision, the Seventh Court of Appeals of Texas reversed the convictions of Tracy Ward and Rhonda Smith, who had both been convicted of delivery of a controlled substance to a child for their alleged in utero transfer of drug metabolites to their fetuses. In a…