Emilio Wins in Garza Co.

Despite 2 confessions by the accused, Emilio Abeyta won a not guilty in Garza County in a 3-count indictment that alleged sexual assault and indecency by touching and exposure to a child under 6. Accused did not testify. Emilio got the Sheriff to admit that he didn’t stop questioning when the accused asked for a…

Victory: Joel Cook

Too soon for details but word is, Joel got a 2 word verdict in his failure to stop and render aid case in the 364th. What makes this even more spectactular is that Joel spent a night in the gated community known as the Lubbock County Jail Tuesday night, getting out about 8:45 yesterday morning,…

Dr. Joe A. Adamcik

Some of you “pups” may not remember Joe, but for those who do… 091408 OBITUARIES 2 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Dr. Joe A. Adamcik died Aug. 20, 2008, at the age of 78 years. He was a retired Associate Professor of Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry at Texas Tech University. Dr. Joe A. Adamcik Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Sunday, September 14,…

LCDLA Close to Creating Nonprofit to Run Private Defender’s Office

Concerned that mentally impaired indigents too often languish in their jail, Lubbock County officials are trying a new approach – a private defender’s office. It’s a hybrid; a cross between a public defender’s office and the assigned counsel system used in most Texas counties. Read the full article here.

Victory: Patrick Metze

Professor Metze had an appellate win in Cochran county. The State got an lesser included instruction on a lesser that did not exist. Kudos to Chris Dennis for preserving the error and Prof. Pat for getting the “three wise men” in Amarillo to recognize error when they see it. Good job guys.

Victory: Anna Ricker & Anna McSpadden

Anna Ricker and Anna McSpadden Holland just won an appeal, reversed and remanded, with the sole point of error being the court’s denial of a requested charge of the defense of mistake of fact. Congratulations lady-gladiators!!!

Victory: Ted Hogan

Ted Hogan got a Probation from a jury last week on a Possession With Intent to Deliver where Mandi had offered 10 to do. That one goes in the “win” column. Good Job Ted!

Victory: Chuck Lanehart

In CCL#1, Chuck Lanehart et al had to win one the hard way (pick a jury, cross-examine witnesses, etc.). It was a no breath test case. Client age 30, very good appearance, very courteous and cooperative with the cop. Stop was for speeding and erratic driving. Cop wrote that client slurred his speech, but backed…

Victory: Steve Hamilton and Nicky Boatwright

In CCL#2, Steve Hamilton and Nicky Boatwright won a motion to suppress evidence in a DWI case, as the jury panel was waiting for voir dire. The issue was the reasonable suspicion for the stop. Apparently, the cop was dispatched on a domestic violence call, and was given a description of a suspect vehicle. The…

Victories: Vince Martinez, Cynthia Mendoza, & Mark Snodgrass

Vince Martinez got a 2 word verdict in CCAL#1 last week. Here is his summary of the facts: “Last week we got a not guilty verdict in CC#1 on a case of domestic assault. The relationship was boyfriend-girlfriend. The jury was out about 2 and 1/2 hours before reaching a verdict. Prosecutors were Jennifer and…